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Mexico is the largest Spanish speaking country in the world. This beautiful and diverse country also harbors the largest population of expatriate Americans living abroad (approximately 80,000 in 2006).

Why consider this beautiful and friendly country for your retirement rather than just travel? The reasons for doing so are as varied as the people and landscape of Mexico itself. However, for any locale (Mexico or elsewhere) to be considered a finalist as your ideal retirement destination, it should pass muster for what many refer to as the essential five C's for retirement relocation.Mexican Flag in a Zocolo
They are are:

Any one of the five C's can make or break your retirement choice, so it's important to evaluate any finalist on all the aspects of each category. As you read on, the Explore and Retire in Mexico staff will examine each C Topic. We'll get into the details as to what constitutes an ideal situation or circumstances that makes a particular city or town in south of the border ('la frontera') a strong candidate for a high C rating. Our experts will also examine how you can formulate your own 'how' and 'why' criteria for rating any Mexican retirement location and the rank the importance you attach to each of them.

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